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Case Study – High Rise Offices – Calgary Alberta

HGI Industries has created cutting edge ultra violet hydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification. HGI’s patented technology is the world’s only scientifically proven non-contained Hydroxyl Generator. The ODOROX® products line of non-chemical devices provides an environmentally safe solution.

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A large oil and gas company with a crowded workplace environment was causing elevated stress, illness and high absenteeism rates among its staff.   Fugitive odors from a nearby café, smoker’s clothing from a coatroom combined with ozone and ammonia from a print room had created a toxic worker environment.

VOC – Solution

Despite the fact that the building was constructed under the Leeds protocol – green standard, VOC off gassing was over 5000 ppm when measured (200 – 500 ppm) is considered safe. Environmental Air Cleaning, HGI’s western Canada distributor, was approached to conduct a yearlong trial installing IDU’s after other technology had failed. The trial was conducted over 30 days without the office staff’s knowledge. Initially 12 IDU’s were installed within the existing HVAC system.


The VOC level after 30 days of installation was reduced to 50 ppm. Within 60 days VOC levels were down to zero. These results indicated to management the effectiveness of the Odorox technology on VOC reduction in the workplace. The program commenced with two floors then added an additional six floors culminating in a total of twelve floors.

Long Term

The long term result was that all twelve floors had IDU’s installed and all the units were wired directly into the central panel for maintenance and monitoring. The company considers the installation a complete success, creating a healthy productive workplace.

Written by Hydroxyl