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HGI Case Study – Major Flood Calgary Alberta

HGI Industries has created cutting edge ultra violet hydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification. HGI’s patented technology is the world’s only scientifically proven non-contained Hydroxyl Generator. The ODOROX® products line of non-chemical devices provides an environmentally safe solution.

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A heavy winter snow pack in the mountains, combined with an unusually warm spring and high rainfall, caused the major river system in Southern Alberta to rise over 12 feet. The result was major damage to the City of Calgary. Hundreds of residences in the flood plain were destroyed and thousands of people were evacuated.

Mold Issue

The restoration companies were out in full force as the water levels receded. With the onset of summer and warmer temperatures water intrusion and high humidity created mold issues. Environmental Air, HGI’s distributor in Western Canada, provided Boss XL3’s to the major restoration companies like Service Master, Hazmaster, to combat mold and odor in both commercial and residential properties.


The lingering effects of mold and spores in the wood and drywall remained prevalent in many residences. EVA began a marketing campaign based on the two optic IDU model to solve both mold and odor issues. The IDU installed directly into the duct work of the existing HVAC System in under an hour and was wired directly into the fan control, purifying the entire residence.

Long Term

The IDU was a great success and hundreds of units were sold province wide. It continues to be the most popular and cost effective air purification model in residential and commercial applications for HGI.  It has been sold worldwide from the Middle East, China, North and South America.

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