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HGI Case Study – Residential Mold and Poor Air Quality

HGI Industries has created cutting edge ultra violet hydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification. HGI’s patented technology is the world’s only scientifically proven non-contained Hydroxyl Generator. The ODOROX® products line of non-chemical devices provides an environmentally safe solution.

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The residential building is located in the northern coastal range of Trinidad. High humidity, sunlight and prevailing winds, with all right conditions provide an ideal environment for mold growth. Residents stated that the ground floor living room had moldy odors. They complained about strong moldy odors in this area. The biggest issues raised were the quality of the air, moldy scent and potential health risks. They wanted the mold removed within the living spaces and the mold odors.

Odor Solution

Kaizen Environmental services, HGI’s distributor in Trinidad developed a two stage plan starting with assessment and next remediation. Air samples were taken in the specific areas of concern and they were cultured in petri dishes. After examining the dishes, the cultures were identified and the treatment began over a five week long period. After the third week there was no evidence of mold in the petri dishes. On interviewing the residents after the fifth week they indicated little to no stuffiness in their nasal passages and no lingering moldy smell or odor.


Two (2) HGI Odorox Slimline units were selected for their operational capacity at the area of major concern. A five week period was selected for the test program. Air quality monitoring and recording of verbal comments was also
conducted during the study timeframe. Monitoring during the remediation timeline involved the collection of air samples for analysis for mold at the same locations identified in the assessment phase.

Results – Long Term

As a result of this pilot study the data clearly indicated that not only does the Odorox Slimline remediate mold in the air at the treated areas but also reduced molds in the surrounding environment within the complex. The test data obtained also indicated that the Odorox Slimline could successfully decontaminate a designated target area and also maintain a safe sanitized air for all the residences.

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