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HGI Case Study – Wastewater Pond – Yeast Fermentation

HGI Industries has created cutting edge ultra violet hydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification. HGI’s patented technology is the world’s only scientifically proven non-contained Hydroxyl Generator. The ODOROX® products line of non-chemical devices provides an environmentally safe solution for removing odors and destroying diseases verified by the independent labs as listed below.

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The production of active yeasts, bacteria and organisms for bakeries, alcoholic beverages including wine and beer, along with animal and human nutrition is very tedious. In the drying process, the byproducts of this operation are very odorous (Horseradish and rotten eggs). Off gassing from the operation and drying process is exhausted into the atmosphere and dewatering became a major odor issue.

Odor Emissions

When the facility was shut down by the local municipality the emission testing indicated high levels of Hydrogen selenide (H2Se). The company planned on using chemicals to mask and neutralize the odors but discover nearby municipal wastewater treatment plant were using Odorox technology to break down and abate their Hydrogen Sulfide emissions they contacted Hydroxyl Environmental HGI’s Eastern Canada’s distributor.


Two MVP -14 Series from HGI industries were installed on a concrete pad and tied into an aluminum structure/framework contained within a nonmetallic enclosure. A ducting system provided hydroxyl rich air into the newly constructed domed enclosure which efficiently contained the fugitive odors. The domed structure ensured full containment and eradication of odor on contact with hydroxyl treatment.

Long Term

Two MVP 14’s equipped with Draeger sensors / Odorox controllers were supplied By HGI industries to control and regulate hydroxyl production and odor. Web base monitoring 24/7 provided visibility, functionality, and troubleshooting in real time ensuring on going odor abatement and no down time due to odor issues. In addition built in sensors monitored odor levels matching hydroxyl production to odor load and optimizing optic efficiency.

Written by Hydroxyl